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Hermes Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

hermes spring summer 2013 040 Hermes Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

The Quintessential Luxury–As Paris Fashion Week nears its end, one clear idea to emerge is that menswear can be relaxed, comfortable and still pack a luxurious punch. Perhaps, no one knows better than Hermes designer Veronique Nichanian. Executing a spring/summer 2013 collection that was both laid-back and colorful, Nichanian crafted a wardrobe for the man who is comfortable in his own skin with nothing to prove. Desiring fine cuts, great craftmanship and pieces that have staying power, making the transition from season to season, the Hermes man was at peace in a straightforward range. Trousers were narrow and knits fitted. Dressed in hues of cheerful yellow, enriching red and calming blue, the collection provided for everything from suiting and smart cardigans to even casual outerwear such as the hooded jacket. Coming to finish with t-shirts, crafted in luxe skins and tuxedos in midnight blue, Hermes was the classic menswear dream.