Grn Apple Tree “Hypocrisy” Part II Spring 2009

ga Grn Apple Tree Hypocrisy Part II Spring 2009

This week sees the launch of the second part of Grn Apple Tree’s “Hypocrisy” collection. The second of a three part collection is highlighted by the use of American cotton.  Grn Apple Tree’s creator and designer, Luis Antonio strives to produce everything locally, because it “keeps jobs and money in the hands of the economy that supports” them.

If you are out of the loop and need a refresher course, visit the previous post to see part one and learn more about the collection.  Or visit Grn Apple Tree to see the first two parts of “Hypocrisy” in its entirety.  The third and final installment of “Hypocrisy” drops next month.

 Look Books, Spring/Summer 2009

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