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Fashion Woes! Calvin Klein Turns to Ralph Lauren for Met Gala Help

calvin klein Fashion Woes! Calvin Klein Turns to Ralph Lauren for Met Gala Help

Designer Calvin Klein at “Inventing David Geffen” premiere in 2012

Fashion Woes–The Met Gala arrives on Monday and men are in a fashion crisis after Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour insisted that men must adhere to a “white tie and decorations” dress code. Because he doesn’t own any looks that are appropriate, designer Calvin Klein turned to his great friend and fellow designer, Ralph Lauren. Klein shares with Page 6, “My clothes are made to order in Italy generally, and I don’t wear tails. I usually wear a tuxedo. I want to do the right thing for Anna, it’s a very special evening…so I wanted to do what she wants.” After calling Lauren for help, Klein explains that the designer insisted he come by his offices immediately. He elaborates, “It’s the first time I’d ever been to his offices. I’ve heard about those offices over the years, because they’re extraordinary.” This is the first time that Klein will be wearing Ralph Lauren. He adds, “I’ve always had tailor-made clothes. I have other things from Ralph…because that’s the fun of fashion. I wear my underwear, but other people’s underwear, too.”

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