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Director Luca Finotti Channels 50s Glamour in “Lady” for Vogue Italia

COVER 800x500 Director Luca Finotti Channels 50s Glamour in Lady for Vogue Italia

Paparazzi-Set in the 1950s, an intimate interview ensues for the latest film project directed by Luca Finotti for Vogue Italia. A collaborative effort between editor Saori Yamamoto, director of photography Damien Krisl, and stylist Beverly Osemwenkhae, the film stars Laura Catterall as the “Lady,” who keeps a chic and poised composure while answering questions by the media played by actors including Nick Lacy, Philip Muscato, Victor Norlander, Killian Simon, and Ricardo Figueiredo, to name a few. Beautiful in a simple black slip and crystal necklace, Laura responds with witty banter and an infectious charm for a nostalgic snapshot into the stunning 50s. / Production by Sebastian Pollin & Nick Lacy. Grooming by Fabio d’ Onofrio. Sound by Artem Kulakov.

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