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David Gandy on What Makes Men Stylish

Gandy on Style–Writing an article for The Telegraph, British model David Gandy has a lot to say on the subject of men and style. Discussing fashion and men of style, David shares, “I often mention Paul Newman and Steve McQueen; I can’t believe there is a man alive today that wouldn’t have wanted to be either of these inspirational men.” However, David notes that these men are not personal style inspirations. Although “those two individuals were and still are the definition of a man. They were incredible actors, but they were also outspoken individuals who weren’t afraid to speak their minds.”

David explains that “the more you learn that they were not actually very interested in style. Apparently Paul Newman once burnt every bit of clothing he had apart from a pair of trousers and a shirt, as he said that this was all he needed. If you delve into the outfits that these guys wore, they were sometimes comical, style-wise, but because of the people they were, with their confidence and inherent coolness, their powerful characters made whatever they wore instantly stylish.” Newman and McQueen were “utilitarian dressers”, embracing garments and accessories for the moment. Stylish men that do make David’s list are Lapo Elkann, James Dean, Ryan Gosling and Andreas Kronthaler. On style, David expresses “Perhaps style is in the eye of the beholder, but for me it’s a blend of knowing how to dress to suit your own shape and personality, individualism, confidence and character.” Read more at

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