Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Fashion Week image balenciaga spring summer 2013 007

Finding EaseBalenciaga sends their boys down a simple catwalk to capture spring/summer 2013 looks, infused with character, elegance and charm. Balancing a desire for the tailored wears of necessity with a comfortable attitude for the warmer seasons ahead, suiting is dissected and blended into a wardrobe of relaxed pieces. Outerwear is an overall hit with oversize silhouettes boasting enormous sleeves and a great use of color, ranging from a grounded camel to a bold red. Also offering printed shirts with a tropical motif for the mind at ease, Balenciaga makes fashion enjoyable, presenting on one end, a sharp structured, almost militaristic outlook and on the other an effortless array of lax looks for the artist at heart.

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  • Laure-Myriam Jouili

    Everything is ridiculous!
    Balanciaga becomes nothing!
    Do you imagine men like that … 
    Do hate this kind of no-style!

  • Dave Smith

    Balenciaga fait de vous une femme spéciale.